Integration of Digital Design Techniques in Architectural Education: A Case Study of the Hybrid Sciagraphy Course in Egyptian Universities

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University


Sciagraphy courses remain crucial for nurturing the imaginative and design prowess of architecture students during their foundational studies. Nevertheless, amidst the ongoing digital revolution, it is imperative to reevaluate the course content and structure by involving seamless integration with emerging tools, rather than relying solely on manual drawing. The research gap addressed in this paper pertains to the scarcity of literature and case studies offering a framework for the innovative adaptation of sciagraphy courses to align with the new digital design tools, including digital fabrication and parametric design. This gap is particularly pronounced in the Arab region. This research is based on a case study of a hybrid sciagraphy course curriculum blending digital design with manual proficiency, successful in three Egyptian universities. The course merges handcrafted mockups, sketches, and digital tools, refining artisanal skills and technological prowess. Emphasizing sciagraphy and perspective hones students' imaginative capacities, formative skills, and shadow comprehension. It also prioritizes conveying concepts through shadows and exploring diverse design avenues. The paper thoroughly details the curriculum, workflow, and impressive student progress. A comprehensive survey to educators was conducted, highlighting perceptual gaps in integrating digital tools into sciagraphy education. The research effectively reveals the symbiotic efficacy of digital tools in traditional courses, crucial for holistic skill acquisition. The study's implications resonate profoundly in Egyptian architectural education, effectively equipping students to adapt fluently to the dynamic architectural milieu. Moreover, the research underscores the enduring viability of such innovation, serving as a pivotal cornerstone of early architectural education in digital era.


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