Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 1, March 2024, Pages 1-122 
Assessment Of GNSS Positioning Techniques In EGYPT

Pages 31-38

Abd El-rahman Ahmed Abd El- naeim; Ahmed Elhattab; Marwa Azzam; Rasha Mosaad; AHMED Aly ELSHARKAWY

Settlement Mitigation of Cylindrical Tanks Founded on Weak Soil Under Static Loading.

Pages 47-55

Sief El-Islam Mohammed Sief El-Islam Ibrahim Abbas; Idrahim Alaraby; Mohamed Mosaad Elgendy

Taking the SDGs into Account: A BIM-Based Strategy for Integrating Smart Materials in Building Components

Pages 56-72

menna-allah Tarek mohamed; Merhan Mohamed Shahda; Sara Eltarabily; Naglaa Megahed

The Synergistic Relationship between Urban Building Energy Performance, Microclimate, and Urban Elements

Pages 73-84

Mai Abd El Nasser Youshaa; Naglaa Ali Megahed; Nancy Mohamed Badawy; Hossam Salah El Samaty

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation for Shaft Journal Bearing Lubrication Performance

Pages 112-122

Nader Nasr Abdul Rahman; Ahmed Abdul Salam Taha; Amman Ali Ali; Nour Ahmed Marey