Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 2, September 2016, Pages 1-148 
Analyzing Barrettes as Large-Section Supports by CCT

Pages 27-39

Hassan S Ghatass; Ibranim El Arabi; Mahmoud El Gendy

Effect of Deepening In-front Of Port-Said East Port Diaphragm Quay Wall

Pages 54-63

Mohamed Mosaad Elgendy; Ehab Tolba; Elsayed M. Galal; Mohamed Mourad

Hydrogical Analysis of Flash Flood using GIS in AL-Saff Area, Helwan, Egypt

Pages 89-95

Ahmed M. Amin; Ahmed El Hattab; Mohamed El Bastawesy; Ahmed Sharawi; Marwa Azzam

Stability Aspects of Bulk Carriers

Pages 96-109

Nourhan Ghoneim; El-Sayed Hegazy; Mohamed Kotb; Adil Tawfiq

An AC Current Limiting and Interrupting Device for Low Voltage Systems

Pages 110-117

Saady Hasan; El-Sayed El-Refaie; Abdallah Hamada; Ali Kasem Alaboudy

Evaluation of Mixed Structural Steel lap Joints Using Experimental and Finite Element Methods

Pages 124-131

Ebtisam Abdel-Gwad; Ahmed Elkaseer; Mohamed Saber; Mahmoud Samy Elqazzaz